Other Programs

We also offer a range of more structured therapeutic programs, including:

Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration (SI) is a framework that recognises the importance of providing sensory specific opportunities according to children’s developmental needs. SI theory was originally formulated by Dr Jean Ayers.

SI treatment principles assist children in their ability to become and remain engaged with both their environment and others, to help them begin to make more complex adaptations within their world.  Changes in the child’s profile may look like improved fine or gross motor co-ordination, improved social engagement and ability to master higher functional developmental levels, more complex play skills, improved concentration and/or improved endurance at an activity.  More detailed research information can be found at http://www.spdfoundation.net/

Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening is an additional treatment modality that can be utilised within a child’s treatment approach to support their ability to learn and attend. Please see http://www.vitallinks.net/ for more information.